A horizontal collective organizing community center.

Fully inclusive

Love – compassion – balance – harmony

We acknowledge indigenous struggles and that British Columbia, Canada is a colony of England and we stand in solidarity with all indigenous peoples for their rights and dignity. Coast Salish/Interior Salish Athapaskan/Inland Tlingit/Ktunaxa. (Salish is a umbrella term fin which many nations preside)

Some founding members of the WCAC are indigenous.

We understand and recognize that capitalism is part of the problem. Along with patriarchy and all other forms of societal oppressions. (unequal and fixed)

We seek to address these issues and creatively develop our own sustainable enlightened community according to the beliefs stated. (this is a work in progress)

~Our guiding principals~


We believe in social justice.

We understand that Canada and the United States of America are occupations of Indigenous Land on Turtle Island.

We understand the systems in our society are flawed, oppressive, unsustainable & need to change.

We believe in free and open sharing of information and skills.

We believe in a sustainable, equal & accountable just society.

We believe that taking care of ourselves and each other is an essential part of the society we aim to create.


(edited July 2011 – ongoing and developing by the collective)

Basics of anti oppression:



(we expect you understand this on some level before becoming involved)

The original idea geographically is the west coast of North America. Certainly the mission and vision of the WCAC is not narrowed to that location.


For more information and to be involved – we have a facebook group (listed on this site), a listserv & and email.

westcoastactivistcollective at gmail dot com.



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