Posted by: westcoastac | July 18, 2011

WCAC rises!

We began as a result of witnessing far too much disorganization. The organizing that has taken place has not been fully inclusive and non oppressive. We also witnessed many have simply become capitalist marketing schemes.

We see a need for horizontal collective organizing. Which means everyone is equal and we all share in the work  – equally!

See our vision and basic information on the *What is the WCAC* page.

There are plenty of fantastic organizations that are collective in nature and do great community building. We readily welcome collaboration and solidarity work with such organizations that have very similar values and missions.

We believe that only together equally as a whole shall we have the ideals we strive for in our mission and vision at the West Coast Activist Collective. Understanding why this world is like it is and that there is another way to live – fully!

To become involved – see the “about” tab above. The link to the right and our email is: westcoastactivistcollective at gmail dot com